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Winter Services

Hamilton's reliable snow plow service

At Lakeridge Landscaping & Tree Service in Hamilton, we are not only able to serve you during the spring and summer, but we offer snow removal, firewood delivery and winter tree maintenance during the year's colder months too. You can count on us year-round to offer excellent service at affordable prices.


We want to make your dreams come true, but we also know you're working within a budget. Let us help and show you how affordable it can be to have professional landscaping and tree services. We can create your landscape in stages, adding to it as you can afford to do so - all while maintaining your current landscape. Isn't it time to call the landscaping experts?

Snow removal

Winter can be harsh and when snow hits it can slow us down. However, the world doesn't stop turning because we can't get out of our driveways! Put your shovels away, stay warmly inside, and call on our team to dig you out and get you back out into the world. Let us take care of snow-worn tree branches, wintertime pruning and full-service tree care year round.

Firewood service

It's time to turn up your thermostat and keep those cold temperatures at bay! Let us help you stay warm and dry this winter by purchasing your firewood from Lakeridge Landscaping & Tree Service. Contact us today to arrange your delivery.  
Burning firewood
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